Introducing BIPS – The Free EWallet and Merchant Solutions Provider

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Bitcoin Internet Payment System (BIPS), the free Bitcoin service, has just launched. BIPS unleashes the full power of Bitcoin - making merchant processing fees a thing of the past and giving traditional payment processors a run for their money. Created for merchants and end users alike, the Bitcoin world will never be the same. Based out of Denmark, BIPS is brought to you by the same team as WalletBit - a name you can trust. Visit and get started today.

Users have the option of signing up using an existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account. This means you won't have to remember another password unless you want to. For those of you who like to do things the old fashioned way, we have a traditional sign up method.

Our free eWallet service is the most secure in existence today. When you sign up for a BIPS account your password is stored as a heavily salted SHA-512 hash. This means your BIPS password is more secure than most banking sites. BIPS also enables you to add up to three factors of authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account. This includes Secure Card technology pioneered by WalletBit and Google Authenticator.

BIPS is the first major Bitcoin gateway to offer merchant tools completely for free. As long as you keep your balance as Bitcoins then you pay zero processing fees. You only have to pay if you want to cash out to your local currency.

BIPS gives you the option to automatically convert some of or all the Bitcoins coming into your account to your local currency. Any automatic conversion to local currency at the time of purchase is guaranteed at the rate it was processed for. This means you can accept Bitcoins without worrying about exchange rates.

Transfers between BIPS accounts are instant and free. The only thing you will ever be asked to pay for are our premium services such as buying, selling and cold storage. BIPS offers the most affordable Bitcoin selling rates ever offered globally. With 42 different local currency options ( BIPS offers the most cash out options anywhere. This includes daily domestic transfers to both Canada and Denmark.

BIPS combines years of Bitcoin processing experience to create the ultimate Bitcoin website. Best of all BIPS is free. Simply put, BIPS is the last Bitcoin website you will ever need.

Free Bitcoin Services

eWallet services (only pay network fees!)
- Receive Bitcoin
- Send Bitcoin
- Transfer between BIPS accounts
- Import wallet.dat

Bitcoin Merchant Tools
- Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)
- Shopping Cart Plug-ins (coming soon)
- Mobile Checkout

Premium Bitcoin Services
- Sell Bitcoin (2.5%)
- Buy Bitcoin (9%)
- MTGox Instant Ask (0.89%)
- SMS Bitcoin (0.89%)
- Cold Storage (0.89%/0.89%)

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